Flecte VEX 454

Hybrid tube bending – double stack – 4 CNC axis – for a variety of tube profiles with mandrel and roll bending.

The Flecte VEX 454 Tube Bending Machine is a versatile and efficient tool for bending tubes. It is designed to handle tubes with a diameter of up to 45mm and a wall thickness of up to 3mm. The machine is operated using a user-friendly touch screen interface that allows for precise control over the bending process.

The VEX 454 features a compact design that allows it to be easily integrated into a production line or workshop. It is capable of bending tubes in a wide range of shapes, including simple bends, compound bends, and multiple bends. The machine also features a mandrel bending system that ensures the quality and consistency of the bent tube.

The VEX 454 is equipped with a powerful hydraulic system that enables it to bend tubes quickly and accurately. It is also designed with safety in mind, featuring a range of safety features such as a safety barrier and emergency stop button.

Overall, the Flecte VEX 454 Tube Bending Machine is a reliable and efficient tool for bending tubes. Its precision, versatility, and safety features make it a great investment for any workshop or production line that requires high-quality tube bending.