5 CNC Axis

Hybrid tube bending – multiple stacks – 5 CNC axis – for a variety of tube profiles with mandrel and roll bending.
Width at R=072.84 inch (W)
Length283.47 inch (L)
Basement width53.54 inch (BW)
Height63.00 inch (H)
Weight13228 lbs
Electric Axis5
Data's Work
Useful length over the clamp157.48 inch (C)
Useful length over the mandrel248.03 inch (M)
Working height50.59 inch (WH)
Under-head length43.31 inch (UH)
Bending head height20.08 inch (HH)
Bending head radius7.87 inch (HR)
P1 center1.97 inch (P1)
Clamp passage3.94 inch
Maximum bend radius13.39 inch
Electrical Specifications
Maximum power35 kW
Voltage400 V
Axis Velocity
Bending 65 °/sec
Tube movement 31.5 inch/sec
Tube rotation 350 °/sec
Tube offset9.84 inch/sec
Tube stack5.12 inch/sec
Bending 0.05°
Tube movement0.0020 inch
Tube rotation 0.05°
Tube offset0.0020 inch
Tube stack0.0020 inch
Bend Capacity
Max Iron tube with mandrel3.54x0.16 inch
Max Iron tube roll bending2.56x0.12 inch
Max aluminium alloy tube with mandrel3.94x0.12 inch
Max aluminium alloy tube roll bending3.54x0.12 inch