How much does it cost for refurbishing the Pines Tube bender?

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How much does it cost for refurbishing the Pines Tube bender?

Pines Tube Bender refurbishment is an affordable option. We’ll help you find the right model, Pines tube bender spare parts, and refurbishment package that works for your business, then ship it to you refurbished. Let’s get started!

Pines Tube Bender Refurbishment and Service Cost

For Pines Tube Bender refurbishment, it is important to know that there is a good chance that parts will need replacing. The main components in a tube bender are the motors, belts, and controller. In some cases, these can be repaired but in other cases, replacing motors, belts, controllers, paint, and power cables with new ones may be more economical.

The cost of Pines Tube Bender refurbishment depends on the model and condition of the machine. Depending on its age, you could pay anywhere from $1,000 to $6,000. Generally speaking, refurbished machines have a much longer lifespan than new ones and their purchase costs are typically less than buying brand new equipment.

If you’re looking for ways to save money on your next bending project, it might be worth considering refurbished tube benders instead of buying new ones. Your local industrial supply store should sell these refurbished machines in their online catalogs or storefronts for about half of what they’d cost you if they were factory new—and sometimes even less!

Pines Tube Benders Refurbishment is an Affordable Option

Pines Tube Bender refurbishment cost is significantly cheaper than purchasing a new one. The savings you’ll see on your bottom line will make the price worth it. We recommend refurbishing your tube benders with top-quality Pines tube bender spare parts because they are well built and have proven themselves over time.

For more information regarding Pines Tube Bender Refurbishment, feel free to contact our experts anytime!