The CL-200EB, a powered hydraulic bending machine is designed for fast, repeatable bends in aluminum extrusions and sections. The machine as shown is equipped with a vertical die closer, hydraulically operated; clamp die and pressure dies hydraulically operated. All machine operations function on an automatic cycle. A stop table is shown on the machine with six pneumatically, foot pedal operated, stop fingers for setting distance between bends. The stop table is adjustable to accommodate various sizes of extrusions.

The machine is furnished with a control pedestal containing all controls necessary for both manual and automatic operations.

Complete tooling design and fabrication is provided. Other machine sizes, including machines with manual clamping and large radius capability are available.

Accessories and Options

  1. Digital bend control system with electronic control of degree of bend and storage for 40 bends. Provides dial switch input for over bend control for spring back compensation.
  1. Manually set degree of bend stops under the nose of the machine. With this option, spring back compensation is achieved by adjusting the dial setting.
  1. Pressure sensitive safety mats for use under the swinging arm and a safety post for machine shut down when contacted.
  1. Hydraulic mandrel extractor for bending applications where closed sections require an internal mandrel.
  1. Mandrel rod stops for applications where a hydraulic mandrel extractor is used. Mandrel rod stops set distance between bends and this option is used in place of the stop table.
  1. Adjustable stops table (shown on machine) with pneumatic foot switch operation. Used for setting distance between bends.
  1. Gripper retarder. Adjustable along the bed of the machine, this option may be required for extrusions with large horizontal leg sections. The gripper retarder functions to place the extrusion in tension during the bending operation by clamping on the extrusion.
  1. Vertical die closer, hydraulically operated, automatically integrated into the bend cycle. This option is used for applications where split dies are required for extrusion sections.
  1. Automatic mandrel lubrication for applications where mandrel bending is required.
  1. Extended bed length (standard 10 foot) for longer sections.