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Points to remember while buying Used Tube Bender

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When purchasing equipment for your company, you should always consider buying used. Used tube benders are a great way to save money while still getting the performance and capabilities of new machinery. However, that doesn’t mean all used tube benders will work well in your production environment. You may end up with an older machine that can’t handle the demands of your workflow or even worse—a broken piece of machinery that will cause delays in your production process. To help you avoid these issues, I’ve put together this list of things to look out for when buying used tube benders:

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Durability and Performance

When you are buying a used tube bender, you should look for:

Durable Components: The components of any used tube bender should be in good condition and should not have any signs of damage. You need to check the bolts, screws, nuts and other parts of the machine to make sure they are not damaged.

Machine Designed To Handle Loads You Need: A used tube bender that is designed for light load applications may not work well if you want to use it for heavy duty tasks or large diameters tubes. So look for machines which can handle loads similar to yours without problems; otherwise your money will go down the drain very soon!

Warranty: It’s always better to buy from companies that provide extended warranties on their products because these companies understand how important it is for customers like us who do not get access to technicians all day long (haha). So always opt for those companies which offer at least 5 years warranty on their used tube bending machines so that when something goes wrong we can take advantage of this extended warranty period instead of having sleepless nights worrying about what could happen next time when we’ll need repair service again!

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Prevent Unnecessary Downtime

You want to ensure that you are able to prevent unnecessary downtime, which can be costly for your business. The best way to do this is by choosing a tube bender that can withstand heavy use and is easy to maintain. In addition, it should be able to bend a variety of materials without causing any damage or individual parts breaking. Lastly, the cost effectiveness of the tube bender must be considered so that it will not cost more than what its worth when used on an everyday basis.

Quality of Tube Bending Equipment Components

While buying a used tube bender, quality of the tube bender and its components should be checked. To ensure a good quality, you need to check the following aspects:

Check the mandrels of your chosen machine. They should be in good condition with no signs of rusting or corrosion. Also, they should be perfectly aligned with each other so that they can easily bend tubes smoothly without any friction between them that could cause damage to tubes.

Also check for the die on your machine and make sure it is in perfect condition with no dents or scratches on it as these may cause problems while bending tubes later on due to different types of materials being used during production processes.

The other component which needs careful examination is controller because this component holds all important settings related to bending process such as speed limiters etc., so if anything goes wrong here then whole process might get ruined resulting in wastage of money spent on buying this equipment along with damaging materials used therein!

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Condition and Age of Tube Bending Equipment

You need to check the condition of the tube bender and look for signs of damage or corrosion. You don’t want any surprises. It is also important that you know the age of the tube bender before buying it. If you can, get a tube bender that is a few years old as they will be cheaper in price and have more features than newer models.

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