Pines Tube Benders Parts Explained

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Pines Tube Benders Parts Explained

Every component of the pines tube benders contributes to the success of a bending operation. These basic pines tube bender parts include the clamp die, wiper die, bend die, and mandrel. Pine tube benders are required to industrially modify pipes or other pieces so that they can be fitted to certain machines as part of a larger whole. Pipes and tubes can be found in a wide range of applications across every industry. Some of the most common applications of pines bender is in the automotive applications. 

Perishable and Non-Perishable Components of Pines Tube Benders

Pines tube bending components comprise both perishable and non-perishable components. The two main components of perishable tooling include the wipers and the mandrel. On the other hand, the non-perishable components are:

  • Bend dies 
  • Clamp dies
  • Pressure dies
  • Collet pads
  • Wiper holders
  • Wiper posts 
  • Clamp Bolster
  • Clamp Adjuster
  • Bend Die Base (Boss)
  • Bend Post (Tool Post)

Pines Bender – Parts, Equipment, and Machine Parts

A pines tube bender machine is comprised of several moving parts that need to align together for effective use. These components are needed for easy installation and removal and to strengthen and increase the machine life. Replacing an entire machine can be costly. However, with spare pines bender parts, users can easily replace them for uninterrupted bending. We offer new and strengthened pines tube bender parts to help users get the proper bend for whatever use they are looking for. Each pines bender part plays a crucial role in how the pieces or pipes are bent.