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1-0915502 Pines Slide Back-up Block 3″ (110-09-155-02)

MODEL: 1-0915502 (110-09-155-02)
LOCATION: Brighton, Mi 48114

Pines 1-0915502 Slide Back-up Filler Block 3”

The Pines 1-0915502 Slide Back-up Block is a component used in Pines rotary benders, specifically for sizes #3/4 through #1. The slide back-up block is designed to support and stabilize the bending process. It ensures accurate bending by providing a consistent backing surface for the tube or pipe being bent. Depending on the desired bend radius (CLR), you can choose the appropriate slide back-up block size. These blocks are essential for maintaining consistent bending results.

UTB Part # 1-09155002

Pines Part # 110-09-155-02

Bender Supply Part # 15009-15502


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