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Alpine 65ETR Electric Hybrid Tube Bender

The Alpine 65ETR Electric Hybrid Tube Bender stands out with its capability for precise triple stack bending of tubes up to 65mm. Engineered for complex bending demands in industries like heavy machinery and construction, this model seamlessly blends hydraulic power with electric accuracy, ensuring efficient and precise bends.

Capitalize on the advanced capabilities of the Alpine 65ETR, designed for high-stakes bending operations that require exacting precision and efficiency. This model’s triple stack feature enables intricate bending operations without compromising on speed or quality.

Key Features:

  • Triple Stack Capability: Enhances flexibility and productivity by enabling multiple bends in one operational sequence.
  • High Capacity Bending: Accommodates tubes up to 65mm, suitable for industrial applications.
  • Hybrid Technology: Provides optimal control with a combination of electric and hydraulic systems.
  • Energy-Efficient Design: Reduces energy consumption,aligning with eco-friendly manufacturing goals.

Standard Machine and Accessories & Upgrade Options:

  • Includes advanced safety and operational features to support high-volume production environments.
  • Optional upgrades like Dynamic Visual Simulation Software and enhanced maintenance systems like AMRU and AML.


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MAX TUBE O.D.mm65 x 2.080 x 2.5100 x 3.0
inch2.56 x 0.0793.15 x 0.0984.0 x 0.118
MAX BENDING RADIUSmm35 – 25040 – 28030 – 300
inch1.38 – 9.841.57 – 11.01.18 – 11.8
OVERALL L X W X Hmm6150 x 1650 x 15006350 x 1750 x 20507050 x 1550 x 1850
inch242.1 x 64.9 x 61.0250 x 68.8 x 80.7277.5 x 61.0 x 72.8
TOTAL WEIGHTkg428058907500

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