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Muller Opladen RB 950/1500/6 Classic CNC Oxy Fuel/Plasma Cut System

MANUFACTURER: Mueller Opladen
MODEL: RB 950/1500/6

CNC Oxy Fuel/Plasma Cyl Cut Sys.


Manufacturer: Muller Opladen

Model: RB 950/1500/6 Classic


Year: 2014



Minimal Hours only 400

Boxed and ready to ship


Technical Information

Weight of standard machine                                            22,046 lbs

Version 6 Classic Axes

Max Pipe weight                                                                        55,116 lbs

Min. – max. clampable round pipe dia.                          3.15″ – 60″

Size of chuck opening for round pipe

through push                                                                             37.40″

Min. / max. clampable box section sizes                        16.54″ x 16.54″

Min. / max. clampable girder sizes                                16.54″ x 16.54″

Min. / max. cuttable workpiece lengths                         11.9″ – 1,181.10″

Suitable for oxy-fuel and plasma cutting


Min. / max. wall thicknesses for

oxy-fuel/plasma                                                                         .20″-3.54″ / .04″-3.15″

Max. cutting angle main pipe to branch

pipe for oxy fuel/plasma                                                 +/- 70° / +/- 55°

Possible pipe support solutions                                     Pipe carriage/motorized conveyor


Equipped With:

Self-centering three-jaw pipe chuck with main drive, electric-motor-driven clamping process and CNC axis

3 mechanical scissor-based pipe carriages with manual adjuster.

Column with column, boom, torch head (cutting trolley) and CNC axis. 12,000 mm (37.2′) track.

Torch head with oscillation along the pipe axis, 380° rotation about its own axis and 2 CNC axes.

Laser sensor with CNC axis for corrections of variation between the flame cutter and pipe surface.

Slide system with CNC axis for automatic advance and retraction of the cutting torch.

Electrical hardware consisting of switch cabinet, CNC, PLC, industrial computer, control panel.

COROBS® pipe profile cutting machine in English with MDI module, SAC module, SPC module, MPC module, CPS module, starting point optimization, optimization of piercing, joint compensation, automatic speed control, negative cutting angle correction, restart positioning for aborted cutting operations, self-diagnosis system, logfile on the most recently performed operations.

Library of standard cut macros.

Internet maintenance module.

Conventional oxy-fuel cutting package for the cutting of pipes with a maximum wall thickness of 90 mm, with solenoid-valve-controlled gas supply, manometer for setting gas pressure, ignition torch, solenoid-valve-controlled cutting torch, cutting nozzle package and operator protection package.

Solenoid-valve-controlled preheating torch.

Patented advanced dished-end cutting module as per enclosed description.

Plasma power source Hypertherm HPR 400 XD with manual gas console, cutting torch and hose package, as per enclosed description.

Fume extraction system for an extraction rate of 9,000 qm3/h with fume extracting points at the cutting head and behind the chuck system as per enclosed.

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