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NEW SOCO SB-80NC Hydraulic Tube Bender

YEAR: 2009
LOCATION: California
  1. A) Control Features:
  • NC Control Unit with Touch Screen, providing an easy operational interface for machine control and easy data input.
  • Large capacity program storage facility (350+ programs)
  • Electronic self diagnosis and error display on screen
  • Programmable hydraulic mandrel extracting function


  1. B) Machine Features:
  • Clockwise rotation with one stack radius
  • Heavily hydraulic powered with digital settings on screen and NC control for easy operation and maintenance.
  • Fast bending speed with settable degree of slow-down speed for final stage of each bend.
  • Standard with sliding type pressure die and optional hydraulic assistance boosting system.
  • Built-on wiper die seat and mandrel mast bar with connector.
  • Repeatability in bending accuracy of +/- 0.15 degrees.


C) Standard Accesories

  • One set of standard mandrel rod and master bar
  • One set of a hydraulic mandrel extraction system
  • One package of hands tools
  • One installed copy of SOCO’s proprietary control software
  • One mobile control panel and touch screen interface
  • One copy of the operation manual (English Edition)


  1. D) Capacity:

Max. Tube OD mild steel                                                                    3.5” X 0.079” X CLR 1.5 D

(88.9 mm X 2.0 t X CLR 1.5 D)

Max. Tube OD mild steel                                                                   3.25” X 0.095” X CLR 1.5 D

(82.55 mm X 2.4 t X CLR 1.5 D)

Max. Tube OD stainless steel                                                              3.25” X 0.071” X CLR 1.5D

(82.55 mm X 1.8 t X CLR 1.5 D)

Max. Rectangular Tube dimensions (Mild Steel)                         3.54” X 1.77” X 0.126”

90 X 45 X 3.2 t

Max. Tube length with Mandrel                                                                                    112” (2850 mm)

Max. Bending Radius                                                                                                      10” (250 mm)

Max. Bending Angle                                                                                                                  185 degrees

Max. Hydraulic Pressure                                                                                                                       140 kg / cm2

Motor Power for Hydraulic system                                                                                                                15 HP

Gross weight                                                                                                                           5500 lbs. (2500 kgs.)

Machine dimensions                                                                                                     148” X 77” X 48”

376 cm X 196 cm X 123 cm

Power Specifications                                                                               Voltage _____ Hz / 3 phases

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