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PHI DF Double Flare Machines (2 units)


PHI DF Double Flare Machines (2 units)

PHI’s Model DF is a high-production tube and pipe end finishing unit, allowing the production of up to 600 double flares per hour. The machine is operated by a single lever which activates the two steps required to form a double flare. No electricity is required. All operations are pneumatically powered.
The Model DF is a double-lap flaring machine which produces a double thickness flare. It will also produce a single-thickness flare and an upset bead.
The machine forms double-lap flares to precise 37° and 45° dimensions within MS and SAE specifications. Single flares and beads are also done with precision and within specifications — every time.
About Double Flaring
Double-lap flares provide added-strength joints which are more resistant to fatigue and provide a better seal than single-thickness flares.
Double-lap flares formed by PHI machinery and tooling are free of cracks and pitmarks. The joint is also designed so that the inside surface of the flare has a larger diameter than the inside diameter of the tube or pipe and, therefore, does not interfere with flow characteristics of the system.
Typical Applications
Thin-wall tubing connections that are subject to shock, vibration, or high internal pressures such as automobile brake lines and critical aircraft hydraulic lines.

Model DF
Capacity – Double Lap Flaring 1/8” to 1/2” OD, annealed ferrous or nonferrous tubing
Capacity – Single Flaring 1/8” to 3/4” OD, annealed ferrous or nonferrous tubing.
Capacity – Beading 3/16” to 1/2” OD, annealed ferrous or nonferrous tubing.
Operation Single lever operated, entirely pneumatically powered.
Air Supply 75/100 PSI air supply required. Air consumption approx. 1-1/2 CFM at 100 PSI. No electrical connection.
Standard Tooling For MS and SAE Flare Specifications.
Dimension 28” x 18” x 42” (L x W x H)
Shipping Weight 480 pounds

FOB Ohio

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