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Pilz PNOZ V 474790

MODEL: 474790

Upgrade your industrial safety with the Pilz PNOZ V 474790 safety relay. Renowned for its reliability and versatility, this safety relay seamlessly integrates into various applications to provide robust protection.

Key Features:

1. **Advanced Safety Functions**: The Pilz PNOZ V 474790 safety relay offers advanced safety functions, including monitoring of safety-related circuits, enabling safe machine shutdown in emergencies.

2. **Flexible Configuration**: With configurable input and output options, this safety relay offers adaptability to diverse safety requirements and system setups, ensuring versatile performance.

3. **Compact and Space-saving**: Its compact design allows easy integration into control cabinets, optimizing space utilization and simplifying installation procedures.

4. **High Performance**: Engineered with premium materials and cutting-edge technology, the PNOZ V 474790 safety relay ensures reliable operation even in demanding industrial environments, minimizing downtime and enhancing safety.

5. **Trusted Brand**: Pilz is a globally trusted name in safety automation solutions, known for its innovative products and unwavering commitment to quality. The PNOZ V 474790 safety relay upholds this reputation, delivering dependable safety protection for your operations.

Upgrade your safety standards with the Pilz PNOZ V 474790 safety relay and experience superior protection for personnel and machinery. Contact us today to discover how this safety relay can elevate safety in your industrial setting.


PNOZ v 30s 3S 1SZ/10


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