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Pines 106 CNC Tube Bender Refurbished

MODEL: 106
CONDITION: Refurbished

Revitalize your manufacturing capabilities with the refurbished Pines 106 CNC Tube Bender. Expertly restored to peak performance, this CNC bender offers precision and reliability for your tube bending needs.

Key Features:

1. **Precision Engineering**: The refurbished Pines 106 CNC Tube Bender delivers precise bends with consistent accuracy, ensuring high-quality results for your projects.

2. **Cost-Effective Solution**: Enjoy the benefits of CNC tube bending technology at a fraction of the cost with a refurbished Pines 106, maximizing your investment value.

3. **Versatile Capabilities**: With its CNC capabilities, this tube bender can handle a wide range of tube diameters and materials, offering versatility to meet diverse manufacturing requirements.

4. **Expert Refurbishment**: Each refurbished Pines 106 CNC Tube Bender undergoes meticulous refurbishment by experienced technicians, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

5. **Trusted Performance**: Backed by Pines’ reputation for excellence, you can trust in the refurbished Pines 106 CNC Tube Bender to deliver consistent performance and precision in your production processes.

Upgrade your production capabilities with a refurbished Pines 106 CNC Tube Bender and experience the benefits of precision tube bending technology. Contact us today to learn more about how this refurbished CNC bender can enhance your manufacturing operations.


Pines 106 CNC Tube Bender

CNC 010

NEW Sierra Copr. CNC Control

New Drives and Motro

Machine is in process of being upgraded.



The Pines CNC 010 is built to stock with the following standard equipment:

  • Clockwise & counterclockwise rotation capability
  • Hitch feed function
  • Unlimited part length
  • Integrated tool storage
  • Fully automatic, semi-automatic, and manual modes
  • Roller die holder
  • Clamp die holder
  • Servo controlled swing arm
  • Capability to bend .25” OD aluminum and copper coaxial cable with Heavy Duty


  • Hitch feed
  • Open collet bending
  • Automatic, semi-automatic and manual mode
  • Sierra Corp. CNC Control


  • .141 OD semi rigid coaxial cable
  • .250 OD semi rigid coaxial cable with optional interchangeable heavy-duty head


  • Maximum standard radius – 1.125”
  • Minimum radius to diameter ratio – 1.5D (1D possible but bend quality may suffer)
  • Maximum bend angle – 195º
  • Bend arm repeatability – +/- .1º
  • Carriage repeatability – +/- .005”
  • B-Axis travel: 360º
  • Y-Axis travel: 24”
  • Tabletop installation
  • Electrical – 120 volts, 1 phase, 60 Hz, 10 amps
  • Pneumatic: 70-90 PSI

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