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Pines #2 Hydraulic Tube Bender Rebuild Sample

CONDITION: Refurbished
LOCATION: Brighton

Pines #2 Hydraulic Tube Bender Rebuild Sample

This is a REBUILD Sample:

Rebuilt PINES #2 LH Hydraulic Tube Bender to Include (Core Provided by UTB):

 Bender is upgraded with a COMPTROL digital controller. The controller is by Sierra Controllers. See https://www.benderparts.com/new-equipment/tube-bender-controller/ for detailed information. The controller has a quick disconnect to the main electrical box. Specifications are listed below.

 Intuitive menu driven part & setup screens


    1. Each bend parameter can be programmed specifically for each bend
    2. Alpa-numeric part names
    3. Massive Part Storage & bends per part
    4. Integrated manual & automatic controls
    5. Programmable mandrel oscillation
    6. Early Mandrel Extraction
    7. (3) Return Modes (manual, semi-automatic, & automatic)
    8. Pressure Die Assist (Boost) delay (If bender is equipped hydraulically)
    9. Bend Arm deceleration (If bender is equipped hydraulically)
    10. Automatic parts counter
    11. Status line for the run mode
    12. Display of Bend arm angle & current part bend data
    13. Easy enabling & disabling of bender devices
    14. Easy toggling of bender inputs
    15. Two mandrel extractor sequences (Normal & Inhibited)
    16. Automatic Mandrel lube intervals (If bender is equipped)
    17. (4) Line x (20) character Vacuum Fluorescent Display
    18. Controller board covered by (2) year warranty


  • Machine cleaned, sanded & painted. Color YOUR CHOICE.


  • Swing Arm:
    1. Removed & inspected
    2. Repair spindle keyway (If necessary)
    3. Skim cut bend die mounting surface / Repair Bend Die Keyway (If necessary)
    4. Remove & replace New Timken cup & cone bearings
    5. New spanner nuts
    6. New spindle key
    7. New fasteners
    8. New Bend Die Key
    9. New Inner Locating Ring
    10. New Sprocket


  • Stationary Arm:
    1. Inspected
    2. Replace fasteners


  • The swing arm & stationary arm slides are replaced with new Steel Slides w/Bronze wear strips attached including back up bolts and nuts. The wear strips, clamp bars, gibs, rod ends, bushings in toggle links, pins, snap rings & grease zirks replaced with new.


  • Hydraulic cylinders:
    1. New Bend Cylinder 5” Bore x 19” Stroke
    2. New Clamp & Pressure Die Cylinders
    3. New Mandrel Extractor Cylinder
  • Hydraulics All New:
    1. New Manifold
    2. New Vickers PA5 Directional Bend Valve & Flow Control
    3. New Vickers PA5 Directional Clamp Valve & Flow Control
    4. New Vickers PA5 Directional Pressure Valve & Flow Control
    5. New Vickers PA5 Directional Mandrel Valve
    6. New Vickers PA5 Directional PDA Valve, Pressure Reducing & Flow Control
    7. New Vickers Piston Pump
    8. The suction strainer, oil sight glass & pressure gauges are replaced
    9. New hydraulic hoses & fitting


  • New gaskets on side oil tank covers


  • New Lube USA electronic slide lubricator. Includes new junctions, meters, line, ferrules, & fittings


  • New main electric motor (TEFC) Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled C-Faced Adapted w/New Coupling



    1. New Main Electrical box (NEED VOLTAGE)
    2. New fused disconnect switch
    3. New motor starter
    4. New transformer
    5. New wiring
    6. New switches
    7. New fittings
    8. New Fuses
    9. Spare Controller Keypad – Included


  • New Rear Sprocket pin & bushing


  • New #160 Front & Rear bend chain & connecting links


  • New PDA (Pressure Die Assist) Assembly – Linear Rail & Bearing w/ New Master Bar Assembly


  • New Clamp Die holder assembly. Adjustable t-slot face style


  • New Wiper Die Holder Assembly


  • Machine cycled & tested. Sample material & a set of tooling are required to run off the bender to be provided by customer.


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