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Pines #2 Hydraulic Tube Bender Refurbished

CONDITION: Refurbished

Arriving Soon!

Pines #2 Hydraulic Tube Bender

  • LH (Counter Clockwise)
  • Hydraulic Mandrel Extractor
  • Pressure Die Assist or Follower Style
  • CAB (Current Tech) Digital Control
  • 24″ CLR Long Radius Arms

We are in the Process of a REFURBISH. Below is what so far we are going to do :

  • New Hydraulic Hoses
    • (2) Clamp Die
    • (2) Pressure Die
    • (2) Mandrel Extractor
    • (2) Pressure Die Assist
  • New Sealtite on the CAB Controller
  • (2) New 31″ Steel Slide w/Bronze Wear Strips (Includes Back Up Bolt & Not)
  • New Wear Strips (Includes Fasteners)
  • New Gibs
  • New Clamp Bars (Includes Fasteners)
  • New Swing Arm Spindle (The Arm did not have the hardened locating ring bore)
  • New Spanner Nuts
  • New Upper & Lower Head Bearings
  • Re-bush ed Toggle Links (8)
  • New Locating Ring Inner & Outer
  • New Die Stud & Nut
  • New Set of Back Up Blocks
  • New Arm Pins
    • (2) Upper Rear
    • (2) Slide Pins
    • (2) Rod End Pins
    • (2) Cylinder Clevis Pins
  • New Clamp & Pressure Die Clamp Cylinder Rod Ends
  • New Clamp Die Holder Complete Assembly (Adjustable T-Slot Faced
  • New Pressure Die Assist Unit (30″ Stroke Cylinder) or it can be just a follower style Pressure Die Holder Assembly
  • New Electronic Slide Lubricator (Includes New line, fittings, elbows, meters)
  • Rebuilt Clamp & Pressure Die Clamp Cylinders (Peninsular Brand) Aftermarket
LOCATION: Brighton, MI

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