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Pines #2 Hydraulic Tube Bender Refurbished

CONDITION: Refurbished

Pines #2 Hydraulic Tube Bender

Built New in 1974

LH (Counter Clockwise)

Hydraulic Mandrel Extractor

Pressure Die Assist or Follower Style

New Sierra Digital Control (2 Year Warranty on the Board)

12″ CLR Long Radius Arms

We are in the Process of a REFURBISH. Below is what so far we are going to do :

New Hydraulic Hoses

(2) Clamp Die

(2) Pressure Die

(2) Mandrel Extractor

(2) Pressure Die Assist

(2) Used Recut 22″ Steel Slide w/Bronze Wear Strips (Includes Back Up Bolt & Not)

New Wear Strips (Includes Fasteners)

New Gibs

New Clamp Bars (Includes Fasteners)

New Spanner Nuts

New Upper & Lower Head Bearings

New Inner Locating Ring

Re-bushed Toggle Links (8)

New Die Stud & Nut

New Set of Back Up Blocks

New Arm Pins:

(2) Upper Rear

(2) Slide Pins

(2) Rod End Pins

(2) Cylinder Clevis Pins

(2) New Clamp & Pressure Die Clamp Rod Ends

New Clamp Die Holder Complete Assembly (Adjustable T-Slot Faced

New Pressure Die Assist Unit (18″ Stroke Cylinder) or it can be just a follower style Pressure Die Holder Assembly

New Electronic Slide Lubricator (Includes New line, fittings, elbows, meters)

Rebuilt Clamp & Pressure Die Clamp Cylinders (Peninsular Brand) Aftermarket

Rebuilt Bend Cylinder 5” Bore x 19” Stroke (Peninsular Brand) Aftermarket

New Front & Rear #160 Bend Chain & Connecting Links

New Electrical Box with everything new inside (Motor Starter, Transformer, Fusible Disconnect, Terminal Strip)

New Prox Switches & Cords

New Decel Valve


Cleaned & Painted

Possibly More!

LOCATION: Brighton

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