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Pines #4 Low Boy Hydraulic Tube Bender Rebuilt Sample

CONDITION: Refurbished

PINES #4 Lowboy Hydraulic Tube Bender To Include:

  • New Sierra Corp. Digital Controller (See Download manual in PDF Format Warranty on Control is 2 Years
  • Machine cleaned, sanded & painted. Customer color choice. (PROVIDE)


  • Swing Arm LH (Counter Clockwise Rotation):
    1. Removed & inspected
    2. Repair bend die keyway (If necessary)
    3. Repair pin holes (If necessary)
    4. Re-cut spindle keyway (If necessary)
    5. Repair any stripped die mounting bolt holes (If necessary
    6. Remove & replace Timken cup & cone bearings
    7. Replace spanner nuts with (1) standard & (2) Taperline locking style
    8. Replace spindle key
    9. New bend die key
    10. Replace fasteners
    11. Repair broken bolt for slide hold down (If necessary)


  • Stationary Arm
    1. Removed & inspected
    2. Repair pin holes (If necessary)
    3. Replace fasteners


  • The swing arm & stationary arm slides are re-machined with new phenolic wear strips. The wear strips, slide wiper ways, gibs, bushings in toggle links, pins, snap rings & grease zirks replaced with new.


  • Hydraulic cylinders rebuilt including bend, mandrel, booster, clamp & pressure die. Our cylinders are sent out to a cylinder repair facility and warranted. They DO NOT USE ANY V-PACKING because they will not warranty the cylinders. The v-packing pocket is replaced with a gland inserts with a polly-pak & seals. If the rods, barrels or heads need to be replaced it is included in rebuild. If a cylinder is damaged beyond repair it is replaced with new. It will have a new mandrel extractor cylinder & new PDA cylinder.
  • Hydraulic tank cleaned.


  • New hydraulic hoses & Fittings
  • New Hydraulic Valves, Manifold


  • New oil sight gauge


  • New Lube USA electronic slide lubricator. Includes new junctions, meters, line, ferrules, hose & fittings.


  • New Mandrel Turnbuckle


  • New Die Stud & Nut
  • New Back Up Blocks


  • New Rear Sprocket pin & bushings


  • New Front & Rear bend chain & connecting links


  • Remove welded arm stop on stationary arm replace and reset so arms are parallel


  • Pressure Die Assist Holder Assembly:
    1. R & R Bearings
    2. New Support Blocks
    3. New Pins
    4. Machine Key (If necessary)


  • Master Bar Assembly:
    1. New master bar assembly


  • New front drive sprocket for swing arm


  • New wear plates for booster guide & wiper ways


  • Machine cycled & tested. Sample material & a set of tooling are required to be provided by customer.

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