SA-78NCE SA-78NCE Tube Sawing Machine received 「2010 Taiwan Excellence Award」 The new SOCO SA-78NCE brings you the latest technology in High Tensile Steel Tube Cutting. Its unique design and tube cutting system brings the highest saw blade life in such applications, as well as unparalleled performance and speed. High Tensile Steel  The High Tensile Steel Tube is now widely applied in the global automotive market. In order to achieve higher fuel efficiency and lowering materials costs, thicker tubes and solid bars have been replaced by thin wall High Tensile tubes, which offer lower weight without compromising in strength and safety. With a much higher tensile strength (80~120 Kg/cm²) than conventional steels (40~50 Kg/cm²), this material is highly employed in key areas of cars in for structural (chassis) applications and impact protection.


  • SA-78NCE Tube Cutting Machines Features : 
    • Especially suitable for Cutting Automotive parts such as Impact Beams, Chassis and Cross Bar tubing
    • High Tensile Tube Cutting (up to 120 kg/cm²)
    • TCT Saw Blades was recommend to use
    • High Speed Sawing: the average sawing cycle times can be up to 4.5 seconds for most sizes.
    • Standard with 6.5 meters Bundle Loading Magazine (MB6), optional 8.5 meters (MB8) and 12.5 meters (MB12)
    • Automatic separation of first and last cut vs. working pieces
    • First and crop cuts down to 25 mm
    • Quick Saw Blade Change system
    • Safety covers for operational safety and minimizing noise levels.
    • 1 or 2 optional length stoppers with Digital Length Readout
    • 2 Loading Positions available: Left Side and Right Side Loading Magazines
    • Capacity up to Ø76mm tubing. Sawing Lengths up to 2 / 3 / 4.5 meters
    • Electric Servo Controlled Feeding and Cutting
    • i2® Touch Screen Graphical Controls with Automatic Recommendation of Cutting Parameters. 3 ~ 5 minutes setup time between most tube sizes
    • Unique Blade Holders and Gearbox Brake System for complete backlash elimination
    • SA-78NCE Tube Cutting Machines may connected to Deburring ( BDB-70 ) + Length Measuring ( LM-3000 )  + Stacking ( STK-3000 )  or  connected to Chamfering ( FM-76V ) + Stacking (STK-3000)

    Equipped with a Bundle Loading Magazine and with an Output Gate of 2, 3 or 4.5 meters, the SA-78NCE offers the highest sawing output for High Tensile, Mild Steel and Stainless Steel tubes and pipes. SA-78NCE may be equipped with 2 different saw blades:

    • TCT saw blades : High Tensile Materials and other Steels
    • HSS saw blades : mild and stainless steel.

    Together with SOCO’s i2® (Intelligent Interface) control system and Touch Screen, the SA-78NCE offers precision and versatility, while allowing for quick setup times between different tube materials, sizes and lengths.

    It is capable of sawing various shapes of profiles such as round, rectangular, square tubes and round bars. As part of an automation cells, It may connected to :

    • Brush Deburring ( BDB-70 )  +  Length Measuring ( LM-3000 ) + Stacking ( STK-3000 )
    • Chamfering ( FM-76V ) + Stacking ( STK-3000 )


    Performance ( with SOCO’s TCT Saw Blade HTTM Ø280 x 120z )
    OD50mm x 30 X 1.2t, L = 366mm, Tensile Strength = 100Kg/cm²
    Sawing Time: 4.99 seconds
    Cycle Time: 7.19 seconds
    Saw Blade Life: more than 10,500 Cuts

    • Length Measuring System with Programmable Interface and Touch Screen
    • Length measuring tolerances of +/- 0.01mm.
    • Motorized measuring length adjustment.
    • Automatic separation against rejected parts
    • Automatic Stoppage when rejected parts reach a set quantity
    • Suitable for Round Tubes and Profiles
    • Standard with Safety System for Unloading of finished parts without production stoppage