The CL – 150H rotary hydraulic tube bender, floor mounted with swing arm, provides hydraulic powered bending with manual toggle clamping of clamp die and pressure die. Machine provides three axes inter¬locked of 10 stops per axis to provide a complete 10 bend sequence. The degree of bend controls are ten manually set dials under the nose of the bender, each calibrated 0 – 195°. The manually oper¬ated indexing carriage provides 10 stops for rotation (POB) and indexes to 10 stops located on the bed of the machine for providing distance between bends (DBB). The stops for all three axes are interlocked.

The mandrel extractor is foot operated for retrac¬tion by a foot pedal, located under the nose of the machine.

A wiper die holder is provided which has vertical, horizontal and axial locking adjustments for wiper die alignment.

The CL -150H can be furnished with either clockwise or counter clockwise rotation of bend arm (specify at time of purchase).

Complete tooling is available including bend dies, clamp dies, pressure dies, mandrels and wiper dies.

As an option, a digital bend control can be furnished in place of the ten bend stops under the nose. The DBC unit has storage capacity for 40 angles of bend with digital display. Also included is automatic computed overbend for springback compensation.


Capacity: ¼” to 1-1/2” OD x .065 wall
Max bend radius: 8 inches
Direction of Bend: CW or CCW (Specify)
Bend Angle: 180° + 15° overbend for springback
Tube Length over mandrel: 10 feet
Mandrel extractor: Manual foot pedal
Collet closer: Manual collet chuck lever
Calibration: Degree of bend: 1° increments

Plane of bend: 1° increments

Distance between bends: 1/16” increments

Bend arm speed: Adjustable to 25 RPM
Electrical: 3 HP, 220/440V, 3 phase, 60 cycle motor 115 VAC controls
Floor space: Length- 16’ ; Width- 4’ ; Height- 40”

Accessories and Options

1. Extended bed length to increase tube length over mandrel.
2. Digital bend control in place of 10 DOB stops under nose of machine.
3. Automatic mandrel lubricator to provide draw compound inside tube around mandrel.
4. Non resetting hour meter 0 to 99,999 hours to display accumulated operating time of main motor.

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