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Power Drive:Chain and sprocket powered by separate hydraulic unit
Hydraulic Unit:Separate standing pump, 10,000 PSI (adjustable) driven by 1 ½ HP electric motor 110V/220V AC, 1 phase. Provides 60 cubic inches/minute delivery max. Includes 6”disconnect hose and quick disconnect coupler
Max. Bend Angle:180° with standard dies (bend arm to 195° to provide springback compensation).
Degree of Bend Control:Adjustable stop with scale graduated in 1° increments from 0 to 195°
Bend Arm Return:Spring return to zero position after completion of bend
Clamping:Clamp die and pressure die use speed screws to adjust clamping pressure
Max. Bend Radius:10 inches
Bend Speed:4 RPM (7 ½ sec for 180°)
Max Tube Length:10’ from centerline of bend to mandrel extractor (table extension optional).
Bender Size:15 ¾” H x 42”L x 9 ½” W
Table Size:38 ½” H x 115” L x 16” W
Pump Size:21 ½” H x 15 ¼” L x 10” W

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Bend DiesMandrel Rod Stop Assembly
Clamp DiesTable for Mounting Bender
Pressure DiesWiper Die Bracket
MandrelsMandrel Table
Mandrel RodsGasoline Powered Hydraulics
Mandrel Extractor AssemblyPneumatic Powered Hydraulics

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