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Max Radius

For Max. Tube Capacity OD.*

Maximum bend angle180º + 15º Springback Allowance
Tube Length12’ – 6” Maximum Tube Length over Mandrel
Hydraulic drive5HP 
Bend Angel ControlSingle Position Auto Stop Adjustable 0 to 195º
Bending Arm AccuracyRepeats to within 1/4º
Max. Operating Pressure2000 PSI
Power3 Phase: 60 Hertz: 230/460 V
Dimensions1’ -2” x 5’ 
13’ Mandel Boom
Shipping Weight Less Oil & Tools (Approx.)1200 lbs. 




UTB CL-110

Steel Pipe Sch 80


(1.050” X .154”)

Round tubing Non-ferrous

Y.P. to 25.000 PSI

11/2 x .065

Round tubing

Mild Steel Y.P. to 40.000 PSI

13/8 x .065
Round tubing Non-ferrous Stainless Steel Y.P. to 60.000 PSI11/8 x .065

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  1. Hydraulically-actuated toggle clamp die with manual
  2. Higher HP motor for increased
  3. Remote, multiple push button station, controls for BEND, PRESSURE DIE, CLAMP DIE, MANDREL, PUMP START, EMERGENCY
  4. Wiper die support
  5. Mandrel rod stops for setting distance between bends (10 maximum).
  6. Automatic mandrel lube injector for lubricating through
  7. Extended tube length over
  8. Mandrel rods (one supplied with machine; specify size).
  9. Degree of bend stops. Maxiumum of 10 individual adjustable stops manually selected from the control
  10. Digital Bend Electronic digital stop system with memory for 40 bends. Accuracy of control is 0.1°. Con- trolled by keyboard on console and self-indexing.
  11. Extended maximum radius over the
  12. Powered indexing carriage for plane of bend (POB) and distance between bend (DBB).