Clarke & Lewis UTB CL-2SD

The Clarke & Lewis UTB CL-2SD-3 tube end finishing machine performs squaring, deburring, beading, and flaring on tubes up to 2 inches O.D. The standard machine is equipped with a two speed single, either 600 RPM or 1500 RPM, switch selectable. Also included is automatic pneumatic jaw closing controlled by a side-mounted lever. The lever also advances the spindle into the holding jaws. The spindle assembly rides on hardened “V” roller bearing ways. Adjustable gibs permit alignment of the spindle and jaws as a maintenance procedure. An optimal continuously variable speed spindle is available, 0-600 RPM or 0-1500 RPM. The continuously variable speed option provides switch selection of speed range and includes an analog display.


Square & Debur Non-Ferrous & Annealed Ferrous 1/2″-2″ OFD
Flare Non Ferrous 1/8″-2″OD x .065″ max W.T.

Annealed Ferrous 1/8″ OD x .049″ max W.T.

Bead Non Ferrous 1/4″-3/8″OD x .035″ max W.T.

Non Ferrous 7/16″-1 1/2″OD x .065″ max W.T.

Annealed Ferrous 1/4″ – 3/8″ OD x .035″ max W.T.

Annealed Ferrous 7/16″ – 1 1/2″ OD x .035″ max W.T.

Electrical 115VAC 1 Phase 60 hertz
Pneumatic 80-120 PSIG
Spindle Speed Fixed Speed 600RPM or 1500RPM or Variable 0-600RPM or -1500RPM
Jaws Heat treated alloy steel manual or pneumatic close
Dimensions 20″W x 22″D x 12″H
Approx. shipping weight, (less oil and tools) 300 lbs.


  1. Cabinet Stand
  2. Veloctity Damper
  3. Foot switch Auto Operated
  4. Electrical 230/460 single or three phase


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