Double Heads Tube Bending

Chosen for its unparalleled productivity, the TB series of compression tube benders ( Pipe Bending ) is able to make 2 bends X Multiple tubes simultaneously. Here are some of the advantages of this Globally Patented design:

  • Standard with 90∘ head rotation for 3D bending
  • Stationary clamps to maintain the tube in position before bending
  • Arc movement of bending heads results in the highest production rates available for any tube bending machine
  • Lowest setup times with quick change tooling design and readout for length and angle settings
  • Production speed: 3.8 seconds / 25.4 mm X 2t X 90∘, 2 tubes at one time

Pipe Bending angles up to 110° with 2 X 90° Rotation

  • Ability to make 1D Bending + Draw Bending in the same tube bender
  • Electric Servo Bending or Hydraulic Servo Tube Bending
  • Standard with 5 servo controlled axis
  • May use from 1 ~ 6 pipe bending stacks, applicable for complex, bend-in-bend parts
  • On electric benders, uses SOCO patented DGT ( Direct Gear Transmission ) system for maximum bending efficiency and precision, minimizing transmission points and interference
  • May use stackable, Multiple Pressure Dies or SPD ( Single Pressure Die ) system
  • 2C – SOCO DBS Cutting System ( Double Blade Shear ) – Option for full automation and minimal cutting deformation, as well as smallest cutting radius to minimize waste between bends ( optional )
  • May program up to 4 different parts for Tube Bending + Cutting on the same tube
  • May use Internal or External collet system ( optional )
  • Built-in internet connection and self-diagnostics
  • May be conected to SOCO Automatic Loading + Unloading Systems
  • May be connected to the SOCO i-Report System for tracking and generating production statistics ( optional )
  • IB – Interference Zone Booster for short pieces ( Optional )


Mild Steel Capacity OD38.1mm x 2.0t x 2.5D
Stainless Capacity OD31.75mm x 2.0t x 2.5D