The COMPTROL computer bender controller was designed from the board level up as a dedicated tube bender controller. The design was based entirely upon the needs of the NC Series tube bender. With the optional CNC Module, the COMPTROL is capable of 3-axis CNC operation.

With an intuitive menu in plain English and bright 4 x 20 Vacuum Fluorescent Display, the COMPTROL is easy to use.


The COMPTROL bender controller features a programmable safety switch to enable two handed operation with anti-hold down, anti-repeat logics for OSHA compliance. To aid in two handed operation, the COMPTROL has built in support for air clamping to hold the parts in place when both hands are on the control.

  • Programmable bend angles to 0.1 degree for improved bend accuracy
  • Extensive part storage
  • Automatic part counter
  • Alphanumeric part names
  • Intuitive menu driven part and setup screens
  • Bright, easy to read Vacuum Fluorescent Display
  • Integrated manual and automatic modes
  • Bend arm deceleration for two speed benders
  • Programmable boost delay
  • Early mandrel extraction
  • Three return modes (manual, semi-automatic, and automatic)
  • Programmable mandrel oscillation
  • Two mandrel sequence modes for ease of loading parts (normal and inhibit advance)
  • Programmable lube angles
  • Real-time displays of bend arm angle and part data
  • Quadrature encoder with 0.1 degree resolution
  • All mounting brackets, schematics, and installation instructions included
  • Quick disconnect connector for easy installation
  • Programmable safety switch for two handed bended
  • Detailed status line for automatic mode
  • Integral air clamp support for “Two Hands on Control” operation
  • 3-axis control with optional CNC Module
  • Supports tube benders with sequence or hydraulic dump valves
  • Optional remote pedestal and stand available
  • Lifetime warranty on COMPTROL board
  • Free support and software upgrades