Tube Bender Rebuilding

With everything going on in the world with the Covid-19 there are a lot of difficult decisions companies are making. Between company layoffs, new equipment purchases on hold more companies are doing preventative maintenance and updating existing equipment. You may be interested in getting your tube bender rebuilt.

We do offer on-site machine evaluations for a fee that will help determine the scope of work that may need to be performed.

Ultimate Tube Bender Parts, Inc. has been in business since 2000 providing parts, service and rebuilding on Pines Hydraulic Tube Benders and other brand Tube Benders. Pines Tube Bender Rebuilding is our specialty.

When choosing a company to rebuild your tube bender, purchase a rebuilt tube bender or a refurbished tube bender make sure you fully understand what the scope of work is that is being completed or the scope of work that was said to be done.

Ultimate Tube Bender Parts, Inc. can provide the tube bender to be worked on or you can provide your tube bender. Some of the tube benders may not need a complete rebuild and may only need worn out parts replaced. You may want to add additional options that the original machine did not have.

We use and other companies use the terms “USED/As-Is”, “REFURBISHED” and “REBUILD/REBUILT” for our machinery. There are differences between those terms. Make sure when you are comparing quotes ask questions, so you fully understand what you are getting. Just because the terms may be the same the actual scope of work others provide may be different. If you are not sure you can send over the quotes with or with out the pricing and we can do the comparison for you.

We offer on-site machine evaluations of your tube benders. A report will be provided, and an overview of our findings gone over with your prior to leaving your facility. There is a fee for this and can be quoted.

There are many cases that a New Tube Bender may be a better option for you than rebuilding an older piece of machinery.


A machine being USED –As-Is. It could still be a used machine with a list of work performed and/or parts replaced. Used Tube Bender. Used Hydraulic Tube Bender.


A refurbished tube bender is more than just a USED – As-Is machine. There is more work performed and parts replaced. With our refurbished machines we list all the parts being reworked or replaced along with the scope of work performed. Some companies say their machines are REFURBISHED but don’t provide a list. You as the buyer should ask in writing what has been done to the machine. If they say “REFURBISHED” and there is only a couple lines of information provided then you should beware of what they are hiding. Painting a machine should not be considering the machine is refurbished. Find out if they are providing any type of WARRANTY. Do they actually sell replacement parts for the brand machines? Things that should make you go HMMMMM!


A machine rebuild/rebuilt is a complete ground up using the main base frame, swing arm & stationary arm weldment’s. We do require a set of tooling and material to run off the machine along with an employee from your company to approve the bender prior to removal. Pines Tube Bender Rebuilding.

If your company has never used a tube bender, we can provide training and tooling that is required for your project.

Brands we have worked on are Pines, Clarke & Lewis, Eaton Leonard, Leonard, PHI, Conrac, Tube Works, 3RC, SMS (Smith Machinery), Eagle Precision, Wallace, Wallace Coast, Jessee Engineering, SOCO, Chiyoda, Keins.

Below are a few machines we have rebuilt with before and after photos along with the scope of work we did on the machine.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you on your next project.