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Used Pines Tube Bender for Sale, Here’s why you need it: an article to convince people that a Used Pines Tube Bender would be good for their business.

How To Find the Best Used Pined Tube Bender


A tube bender is a tool that allows you to bend and shape metal tubing. The tube bender gives you the ability to make all kinds of shapes, and it’s particularly useful in manufacturing. You can also find tube benders online at many tool stores as well as local hardware stores. When you’re trying to find a used pined tube bender, there are a few things that you should keep in mind so that you don’t end up wasting money on something that doesn’t work very well or is no longer any good for bending tubing efficiently.

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Pines Bender

The PinesBender is a respected and trusted name in the industry, with more than 80 years of experience. They are also one of the oldest manufacturers still in business today. Their machines are known for being durable, reliable and easy to use.

The following parts can be purchased directly from Pines Bender:

Pines Bender Parts & Accessories – This category contains many parts for both new and rebuilt machines including hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic hoses as well as support equipment like air compressors and wheel chocks. It also includes some replacement parts that may be needed if you need to replace worn out or broken components on your bender such as bearings, shafts or sprockets.

Tube bender Repair – The tube benderepair section contains everything you need when repairing your machine including replacement wiring harnesses, circuit breakers and fuses all at competitive prices so that you can get back up-and-running quickly without breaking your budget!

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The next step is to simply clean the pin holes. There are a few myths about repairing the tube, but cleaning them is the most important thing you need to do for any type of repair. You don’t have to fill them with epoxy or anything like that; just get some sandpaper and scrub away as much of the rust from inside as possible, then clean it out with water and dry it off before moving on to inserting your new pins.

There are also some common beliefs about how to tell if a used bender needs a bottle bender:

If there’s any sign of wear on either side of where two tubes meet when closed (like at an elbow), then it definitely does not work well enough for long enough for you to justify buying it unless you’re just looking at one because they’re so cool looking and fun playing around with in your shop!

If there’s any kind of slippage between tubing sections while using them together, then yes–you should probably consider getting something else too because this means they won’t hold together very well while bending them into place which defeats their entire purpose!

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Cleaning pin holes

It is important to clean out the pin holes before bending your tubes. There are numerous ways one can go about doing this, such as:

Use a wire brush to remove any dirt or debris from around the pin holes. Be sure not to scratch away any of the surface area surrounding the pin hole itself.

Drill out small sections at a time with a drill bit that matches your tube size, then sand down any rough edges left by drilling and/or cleaning with a wire brush.

Myths of Tubing Repair

Myth: You can use a rubber band to hold the pin in place

Truth: This is a false myth. While it may seem like it would work and you can do it, it won’t result in anything but a bent or broken pin. If your bender is still operational after doing this, I recommend selling it and buying a new one instead of attempting any repairs yourself.

How do you tell if it needs a bottle bender?

If you want to know if your tubing is safe for bending, or if it needs a bottle bender, look for signs of wear and tear. Check the tubing for leaks. Look for signs of rust or corrosion on the outside of the tube. Also check inside of the tube (where there are no welds) for dents or dings in metal that show where it was bent before without proper protection from heat. If your tubes have bulges in them, then this could indicate that they’ve been overheated at some point in their life and need professional medical attention before you try bending them again yourself!

Find out if your tubing needs our tubebender.

You can find out if your tubing needs to be bent by checking for signs of wear and damage. Signs of wear include cracks in the tubing, worn out threads, or cuts. If the tubing is damaged, it will need to be replaced before it can be bent.

Another way to tell if your tubing needs to be bent is by checking for signs of corrosion or abuse. Corrosion occurs when moisture gets into the tube and causes it to rust over time, which makes bending difficult because there’s no way around this issue without replacing the whole length of steel pipe altogether! Abused pipes are ones that have been dropped on hard surfaces repeatedly so often that they show noticeable scratches along their surface; these should definitely not be bent with any sort of machinery because doing so could damage them even further! You also shouldn’t bend these types of tubes because they aren’t made from high quality materials anymore (like liners) so you might end up having lots problems like leaks later on down road after trying bending them anyways.”


I hope this article has been helpful in your tube bending journey. If you’re looking for a reputable company that can provide you with the best service possible, look no further than Pines Bender. We have been servicing our customers since 2002, which means we have over 16 years of experience working with tubing and bending it to your specifications. That kind of expertise cannot be found anywhere else!

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