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1984 Used Cincinnati CB90 Ton Brake

YEAR: 1984

Length (Ft. Nominal) 10′
Clear Distance Between Housings 10′-6″
Total Overall Die Surface 12′
Bending Capacity (*Mild Steel) 12 GA. x 12′, 10 GA. x 9′, 3/16″ x 6’11”, ¼” x 5′
Full Tonnage (Low or Medium Speed) 90 Ton
Tonnage in High Speed 40 Ton
Standard Stroke Length (inches) 8
Throat Clear from Center of Dies (inches) 7
Open Height (inches) 15
Closed Height (inches) 7
V-Die Opening 7/8, 1-1/8, 1-1/2, 2
Maximum Stripping Load (tons) 9.0
Maximum Eccentric Load Capacity (inch-ton) 100 (Off Center (Front to Back) Load Capacity)
Ram Speed (inches/min.) High 150, Medium 71, Low 21, Return 136
Motor Horsepower 15
Domestic Shipping Weight (lbs. approx.) 17,000
The back gage is 4-axis with the X-axis (front to back)
being controlled via CNC and the other 3 axis being controlled….. manually
Hurco Autobend 7 Control Module – Installed 1996 (upgraded LCD display 2018).
Hurco Autobend Back Gages – Installed 1996 (includes heavy duty gages,
standard gages, pin gages, micro adjuster and set-up gages).
Protech Series 25 Thin Line Eagle Eye Light Curtain – Installed 1994.
Various selection of Punch and Dies to include Acute Angle,
Bottoming, Gooesneck, Flattening, Fourway, Radius and Offset.
With Manuals

LOCATION: Londonderry, NH

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