What three types of Tube Bending do Ultimate Tube Bender Inc Specialises? www.benderparts.com

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What three types of Tube Bending do Ultimate Tube Bender Inc Specialises? www.benderparts.com


The various types of tube bending are all based on the functions that they perform. The type of tube bending you choose to use will depend upon the function you require it to do. There are certain functions that can only be performed by certain types of tube bending and there are others that may require a different kind of tube bending. It is therefore important that you know what your requirement is before you begin researching for a company that offers the required service. In this article we shall discuss the various types of bent tubes available to us and what their intended purpose is:

Press Bending

Press Bending is the most common type of tube bending. Press Bending is used for larger diameter tubes and for tubes with a high wall thickness. Press Bending is used for tubes with a wall thickness of up to 10mm.

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Rotary Draw Bending

Rotary draw bending is a type of tube bending process where a rotating mandrel is used to bend a tube. In this process, the workpiece is held stationary while the mandrel rotates around it. The bends are formed by the rotation of this mandrel and can be made with small radii and small bend angles. The rotary draw bending process requires less labor than many other types of tube bending processes such as V-block or contour benders because there are no V-blocks or fixtures required for support during forming operations.


Roll Bending

Roll Bending

Roll bending is the most common type of tube bending and is used to produce a variety of bends in pipes, tubes, and tubing. Roll bending machines are available in different sizes and capacities depending on the material that needs to be bent and the shape of the bend required. Roll bending machines can be designed for pipe diameters from approximately 40mm up to 1 meter with some models having a maximum capacity of 2 meters. It’s common for machine manufacturers to offer special models for larger diameters above 2 meters but these tend not to come cheap as they are usually bespoke products made by hand with no mass production involved like their smaller cousins

Mandrel Functions

Mandrel Functions

Tubing does not need to be machined for bending. Tube bending can be done on straight tubing (as supplied), or you can run your own mandrels through the tube bender as well. It is also possible to use a combination of both types of mandrels in one bending operation.

The addition of a mandrel will add extra cost and time to your project, but it will increase the number of bends that can be made at one time – this can make it more economical in some applications.

If you are planning on running multiple bends in one pass through your tube bender, then we recommend either using fixed-orifice bore tools or adjustable-orifice bore tools for maximum efficiency and flexibility during production runs

Wiper Dies

Wiper dies are used to remove the burrs and flash from the tube ends. The wiper die is a special type of die that comes in contact with the tube at a certain point during bending, usually just before or after bending occurs. It is designed to clean or polish off any burrs that may have collected on your tubes as well as any flash left over from removing them from their original form.

This serves two purposes: it ensures that you get a smooth finish on your tubes (which is important for appearance) and it also ensures that no sharp edges remain on the inside of your bends which could potentially cut through any material they come in contact with later on down line.


This article has taught you about the types of tube bending Ultimate Tube Bender specializes in. You can now decide which type of tube bending your business needs so that you can go ahead and purchase a tool that is best suited to your needs.


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