Clarke & Lewis UTB CL-3SD

The Clarke & Lewis UTB CL-3SD tube end finishing machine performs squaring, deburring, beading, and flaring on tubes up to 3 inches O.D. The standard machine is equipped with a 0-500RPM switch selectable. Also included is automatic pneumatic jaw closing controlled by a side-mounted lever. The lever also advances the spindle into the holding jaws.


Square & Debur Non-Ferrous & Annealed Ferrous 1/8″-3″ OFD
Flare Non Ferrous 1/8″-3″OD x .125″ max W.T.

Annealed Ferrous 1/8″ – 3″OD x .125″ max W.T.

Bead Non Ferrous 1/4″-3/8″OD x .035″ max W.T.

Non Ferrous 7/16″-1 3″OD x .065″ max W.T.

Annealed Ferrous 1/4″ – 3/8″ OD x .035″ max W.T.

Annealed Ferrous 7/16″ – 3″ OD x .065″ max W.T.

Electrical 230VAC 1 Phase 60 hertz
Pneumatic 80-120 PSIG
Spindle Speed Variable 0-500RPM
Jaws Heat treated alloy steel pneumatic close
Dimensions 22″W x 31″D x 12″H
Approx. shipping weight, (less oil and tools) 500 lbs.


  1. Cabinet Stand
  2. Veloctity Damper
  3. Foot switch Auto Operated
  4. Electrical 230/460 single or three phase


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